Our goal is to deliver medicines with transformational impact

We are Galapagos

Galapagos is a fully integrated biotechnology company united around a single purpose: to transform patient outcomes worldwide through the relentless pursuit of life changing science and innovation.
Pioneering for patients

We aim to address patient needs through transformational innovation. With a focus on key therapeutic areas like immunology, we bring together the best science, technology and next-generation biological capabilities from inside and outside our company.

Diversifying and accelerating our pipeline

We combine deep disease expertise and multiple drug modalities with a goal of reducing risk and speeding time for treatments to reach patients. Our portfolio is grounded in a long history of research into small molecules. We have a unique approach in developing novel biological medicines, and groundbreaking research capabilities in cell therapy.

Partnering for a greater impact

We believe in the power of partnerships.

Our ambition is to be a trusted partner to the patient community. We are committed to collaborating with patients across the lifecycle of medicines.

We apply and invest our breadth of resources in new technologies and programs with the potential and goal to radically improve treatment paradigms.

Caring for the future: forward, sustainably

Our purpose is to create impact together with patients worldwide. By 2028, we aim to add more years of life and quality of life for patients. We aim to develop pivotal stage therapies for patients, with patients and the healthcare community. We aim to be a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and trusted organization. Plus, we aim to be climate neutral, and to provide access to our medicines across all contintents.


If you require further information about a Galapagos product, please click below to access the patient information leaflets

Patient information leaflet

We are Galapagos UK and Ireland

Our commitment to immunology

The UK and Ireland operation of Galapagos was set up in 2020, aiming to offer patients in the UK and Ireland with treatment options for unmet medical needs in therapeutic areas like immunology. At Galapagos, we are proud to be among a rare group of fully integrated biotech companies advancing early research to be a marketed medicine. Today we are building on our foundation and continually adding to our pipeline of innovations. Through ongoing development and through discovery and acquisition, we aim to make a positive impact on patients living with life changing diseases.

Contact us

Galapagos Biotech Ltd
148 Belmont Rd, Uxbridge UB8 1QS

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Reporting side effects

If you experience any side effects, please discuss them with your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse. This applies to any potential side effects that may not be mentioned in the package leaflet.

If you reside in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, you also have the option to report side effects directly through the Yellow Card Scheme at yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk. In the Republic of Ireland, you can report side effects to HPRA at www.hpra.ie.

Your reporting of side effects plays a crucial role in contributing more information about the safety of this medicine.