Exploring the unknown.
Pioneering for Patients.

We are Galapagos

We are Galapagos, a pioneering biotechnology company, focussed on making a difference to people with inflammatory diseases.


Driven by a need to make great things happen, we use state-of-the-art human biotechnology to discover and develop medicines.


Transforming Drug Discovery

Using our proprietary target and discovery technology platform, we are progressing an extensive pipeline of medicines with targeted modes of action.
With our vast bank of proprietary knowledge of disease biology, we are increasing the chances of bringing more medicines to the market and to patients.


Making it Happen

We have nurtured a potent culture of fearlessness and commitment at Galapagos. As individuals, as teams and as a company, we are empowered to make bold decisions, take risks, challenge ourselves and embrace change.

It means we go where no one has been before, following the science in swift, relentless pursuit of improving patient outcomes. It means we push the boundaries of what we know and think is possible.


Pioneering for Patients

By discovering and developing medicines that tackle the disease itself and not just moderate its symptoms, we are working towards delivering effective solutions for patients.

Our ambition is to deliver innovative medicines which will address areas of unmet medical needs, improve people’s lives and make a lasting positive contribution to society.

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We are Galapagos UK

"I’m delighted to be leading the Galapagos team in the UK as we build our UK organisation from scratch. We will go above and beyond to provide patients with innovative medicines aiming to address unmet medical needs for patients in the UK; or as we like to put it at Galapagos: pioneering for patients. We discover, we dare, we care."


Emma Chaffin, Country Head at Galapagos UK

Galapagos in the UK

The UK operation of Galapagos, set up in 2020, aims to go above and beyond to help address unmet medical needs.

Michael Smyth introduces the Galapagos UK mission for the improvement of IBD care in the UK.