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Access brings you curated educational resources on areas and issues important to you as nurses.

Explore the educational resources selected in collaboration with the Assist RA steering committee. Whether you are new to the field of rheumatology or an experienced RA nurse looking to refresh your knowledge we have a diverse range of content to help you support your patients.

The Assist RA resources have been produced and funded by Galapagos. 


Telemedicine guide to help you navigate remote consultations


Video and phone consultation checklists

Assist RA resources & External resources

Assist RA resources

Congress roundup

ACR Convergence 2020: Empowering patients

Highlights video on how to help your patients make informed decisions about their treatment
UK-INF-2021-03-0018 | March 2021

ACR Convergence 2020: Telemedicine

Highlights video on how video is shaping telemedicine in the US
UK-INF-2021-03-0013 | March 2021

ACR Convergence 2020: Physical Exercise 

Highlights video on the role of exercise for bone and joint health
UK-RA-NA-202109-0003 | September 2021

ACR 2021 highlights podcast

Alison Kent and Sandra Robinson provide an update from the American College of Rheumatology 2021 congress about posters, abstracts or sessions which are relevant to UK nursing practice. Any opinions expressed by Alison Kent or Sandra Robinson, are entirely their own
UK-RA-NA-202111-00019 | December 2021

BSR 2021 newsletter

Deepen your understanding of the impact of moderate RA on patients
UK-RA-NA-202104-00003 | April 2021

External resources

Health coaching and goal setting

Better Conversation: Health Coaching

Selection of evidence, resources and training materials in health coaching

NHS – Health Coaching: Implementation and Quality Summary Guide

Broad description of health coaching and the different health coaching services available to HCPs 

National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) - Sleep Matters 

Downloadable resource on the NRAS website discussing simple changes that can be made to help patients achieve a better night’s sleep

CrashCourse – Immune System – Part 1

Short videos covering the basics of the immune system

CrashCourse – Immune System – Part 2

Short videos covering the basics of the immune system

CrashCourse – Immune System – Part 3

Short videos covering the basics of the immune system

Osmosis – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Overview of rheumatoid arthritis immunological response. Interactive resource with quizzes, flashcards and videos

Physiopedia – Rheumatoid Arthritis

Overview of rheumatoid arthritis, including handy x-ray staging section

NICE guidelines

Guidelines for the treatment and management of rheumatoid arthritis in adults

Guidelines in practice review

Review by Dr Warburton on the latest recommendations from NICE on the management of RA in adults

Competency Framework for Rheumatology Nurses

Framework to support the development of rheumatology nurses in clinical practice

Self-examination of joints in RA

Video to support people with RA to self-examine their own tender and swollen joints

RCN eHealth page

Comprehensive overview of telemedicine and digital innovation

BSR 2021 – COVID-19: remote consultations

Downloadable article on the principles of remote consultations. Includes sections on what to do before, during and after the consultation

BSR 2021 – Virtual Clinics and Integration with Patient Portal Outcomes

Poster detailing the implementation of a virtual clinic service at the North Devon Healthcare Trust, run by Dr Stuart Kyle

UK-RA-NA-202202-00008  | Date of preparation March 2023