Difficult-to-treat RA: a focus on comorbidities

40 minutes 


Difficult-to-treat RA: a focus on comorbidities

In this podcast, consultant rheumatologist Dr Elena Nikiphorou will be joined by Clinical Professor of Rheumatology Maya Buch and RA specialist nurse, Alison Kent, to discuss the challenges in, and potential approaches to, managing patients with difficult-to-treat RA . They examine comorbidities related to RA and its treatment and their impact on patient outcomes and explore guidance and best practices in managing symptoms and complications in patients living with RA.

Jobcode: UK-RA-NA-202111-00011
Date of preparation: March 2022

Alison Kent

Alison has been working in rheumatology for the past 22 years and living with RA herself for 30 years. With both a personal and professional interest in rheumatological conditions, Alison is a member of many EULAR task forces, including those focused on monitoring comorbidities, information dissemination, use of glucocorticoids, difficult-to-treat RA, and working with patients as research partners. Alison is also interested in supporting the learning needs of other rheumatology HCPs and the use of communication, health coaching and goal setting in the management of RA patients.

Maya Buch

Professor Maya Buch is a Clinical Professor of Rheumatology and Director of Experimental Medicine at the Centre for Musculoskeletal Research, University of Manchester, and holds a visiting professorship at the University of Leeds. Professor Buch’s work focuses on the use of immunotherapies in RA and reducing cardiovascular risks in patients living with RA. She is the author of over 120 publications and has been involved in several EULAR task force initiatives. She is a co-founder of EMEUNET, an EULAR initiative aimed at promoting education, collaboration and excellence in research by emerging rheumatologists in Europe.

Elena Nikiphorou

Dr Elena Nikiphorou is a Consultant Rheumatologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer at King’s College London with a clinical and academic interest in RA and spondyloarthritis. Dr Nikiphorou holds an MD degree from University College London, and has previously held the presidentship of the rheumatology & rehabilitation section at The Royal Society of Medicine and was the Chair of the largest network of young rheumatologists and researchers in Europe (The Emerging EULAR Network).




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