Collaborative care: working with Nurses


As part of the Inflammation Xchange programme, Co-Chairs Professor Ernest Choy and Dr Elena Nikiphorou were joined by some of the UK’s leading experts in rheumatology to offer their key advice on best practice management for patients with RA, with a special focus on how to offer personalised patient care to individuals facing the daily struggles and challenges of this debilitating disease.

Watch as Alan Davidson opens up a discussion on how to work with Nurses to ensure patients have and understand the information that they need to feel empowered to actively participate in their own care.

GB-RA-FIL-202211-00007 | Date of preparation: December 2022

Alan Davidson
Modality LLP Community Rheumatology Service, Birmingham

As a registered nurse, Alan Davidson currently delivers rheumatology services to the community in Birmingham for Modality LLP, and he has also worked in various secondary care settings for the NHS. He is passionate about empowering patients through education and improving services through both patient and public involvement. Alan believes that the patient should be at the heart of decision-making in clinical practice.

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GB-RA-FIL-202211-00015 | Date of preparation December 2022