Expert insights

Managing difficult conversations

We have been speaking with inflammatory bowel disease experts to gain their thoughts on the topics that patients with inflammatory bowel disease and healthcare professionals may find challenging to discuss, and to hear their insights on how to facilitate such conversations.

Managing adherence and patient preference in inflammatory bowel disease treatment 

Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr Christian Selinger and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Kay Greveson discuss the factors affecting patients’ adherence to inflammatory bowel disease treatment and how best to communicate with patients about their treatment preferences.


Optimising patient care

The role of the multidisciplinary team in improving disease outcomes for patients with ulcerative colitis

Professor Séverine Vermeire shares the latest insights on the value of multidisciplinary team involvement in inflammatory bowel disease management for optimising patient outcomes.

What does shared decision-making mean to patients? 

Professor Subrata Ghosh and Salvo Leone, Chairperson of the European Federation of Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis Associations, discuss the importance of involving patients in their treatment management through shared decision-making.

Exploring the idealised patient journey in inflammatory bowel disease

Professor Charlie Lees considers the challenges to achieve the idealised patient journey in inflammatory bowel disease.

Exploring patient expectations of remission 

Dr Gareth Parkes and Dr Ana Gutiérrez discuss the differences between patients and healthcare professionals in their remission goals and how to ensure that patient-important outcomes are considered.


UK-IBD-FIL-202203-00029 | Date of preparation: October 2023