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Exploring the VIPER survey results with study co-authors Dr Bram Verstockt and Professor Jimmy Limdi

Professor Jimmy Limdi caught up with Dr Bram Verstockt, co-author of the VIPER survey presented at UEG Week 2021, to discuss how resources for inflammatory bowel disease care and education differs across Europe.

Exploring CRAFT UC data with study author Professor Arie Levine and Professor Ailsa Hart

Professor Ailsa Hart talks with Professor Arie Levine, the lead author of the CRAFT UC trial presented at the ECCO 2021 Congress, to discuss the trial and its potential implications for inflammatory bowel disease treatment in greater detail.

Hot topics in ulcerative colitis from BSG Virtual Campus 2021

Keen to hear about some of the most interesting research on the unmet needs and treatment challenges faced by patients with ulcerative colitis? Read our summary by clicking the button below.


Holistically approaching remission

How can we assess holistic remission?

For patients with ulcerative colitis, a holistic approach to remission is key to optimising outcomes. Listen to Professors Charlie Lees, Axel Dignass and Mathurin Fumery share their thoughts on measuring holistic remission endpoints.


World IBD Day

Breaking the silence on inflammatory bowel disease with Galapagos on World IBD

In this article, we explore World IBD Day and consider why it is so important to effectively discuss and address the impact of inflammatory bowel disease on patient quality of life.

World IBD Day: raising awareness of the burden of inflammatory bowel disease

Leading inflammatory bowel disease Clinical Nurse Specialists, Aileen Fraser and Kay Greveson, discuss the importance of World IBD Day and provide their insights on the challenges patients with IBD face in their everyday lives.

How can healthcare professionals support patients with inflammatory bowel disease?

Leading inflammatory bowel disease Clinical Nurse Specialists, Aileen Fraser and Kay Greveson, share their perspectives on how a strong HCP–patient relationship can optimise patient care in inflammatory bowel disease and discuss their experiences facilitating open patient conversations in practice.

Evolving inflammatory bowel disease care

Use of telemedicine in inflammatory bowel disease care

Professor Charlie Lees reflects on the recent growth of telemedicine in inflammatory bowel disease care.

The role of emotional systems in change

Dr Alexa Duff discusses emotional detection and behavioural regulation systems, and how understanding these systems can help patients with inflammatory bowel disease to make and accept changes in their lives.

Using emotional systems to support patients to make changes

Dr Alexa Duff discusses how healthcare professionals can use behavioural regulation systems in clinical practice to assist patients with inflammatory bowel disease in making changes.

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