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Learning Rheum is co-created by Galapagos and an expert steering committee of clinical rheumatology pharmacists. Together, they have collaborated on a tailored and accessible e-Learning programme for rheumatology pharmacists across all stages and competencies. The objectives are to inspire best practice in the management of patients with rheumatological conditions by building expertise and supporting professional development.  

Stephanie Butler
Rheumatology Specialist Clinical Pharmacist 

Stephanie has been a Rheumatology Specialist Clinical Pharmacist for 25 years and working in the field of MSK and rheumatology since 2016. A qualified non-medical independent prescriber with a post graduate MSc in Clinical Pharmacy her role is fully integrated into the rheumatology multidisciplinary team. Stephanie leads on all aspects of medicines management for rheumatology and runs 2 patient facing clinics a week, specialising in targeted therapies. She is passionate about improving the care for patients with rheumatology conditions and is looking to pursue Consultant Pharmacist status. Stephanie is also the current Secretary for Rheumatology Pharmacists UK. 

Kalveer Flora
Lead Rheumatology Specialist Pharmacist 

Kalveer is the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s Clinical Fellow at NHS LPP. Prior to starting her fellowship, Kalveer worked as the Lead Rheumatology and Biosimilars Specialist Pharmacist at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust. Her role spanned multidisciplinary working alongside the rheumatology team where she also worked as a Pharmacist Practitioner in the early inflammatory arthritis clinic.

Kalveer has a national role advising on the development of clinical policies, service specifications and quality standards for the national Rheumatology CRG for NHSE. She is Chair of Rheumatology Pharmacists UK (RPUK), and is also a member of the British Society for Rheumatology (BSR) Digital and Journal committee and the co-chair of the sustainability specialist interest group at BSR.

Hilary McKee
Consultant Pharmacist

With over 23 years experience in rheumatology, Hilary has been the pioneer in pharmacist led clinics. She is Clinical lead of Rheumatology Pharmacists UK and a member of BSR education committee. She is passionate about education and confidence building for pharmacists in order to become an integral part of the MDT.

Lewis Sutherland
Senior Clinical Pharmacist – Rheumatology

Lewis has experience across primary and secondary care, with his previous role being a senior clinical pharmacist in Osteoporosis and Population Health, and now being a senior clinical pharmacist in Rheumatology. Through this he is involved in research, education, CMDU, and treatment/governance decisions relating to biologic and targeted synthetic DMARDs

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